Packing & Transport

Food packaging is packaging for food. A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs.

Maritime Transport is a critical infrastructure for the social and economic development of a country. It influences the pace, structure and pattern of development. The Ministry of Shipping encompasses within its fold shipping and ports sectors which include shipbuilding and ship-repair, major ports, national waterways, and inland water transport. Ministry of Shipping has been entrusted with the responsibility to formulate policies and programmes on these subjects  and their implementation.

Warehousing & Packaging

We comprehend the significance of sound warehousing as well as packaging facilities, and thus focus on ensuring safe storage of our sourced products. We posses a well facilitated warehousing facility that is managed by a team of industry’s best personnel. They make sure that all the food items are properly stocked in an organized way and are protected from moisture, dust, rodents, etc. The unit is spacious as well as installed with all the requisite facilities like fire fighting systems, temperature controllers, material handling tools, and ventilators. Also, we possess a modern packaging unit wherein our offered range of Rice ada, Palada, Piece Parotta, Appalam (Papad) etc. is packed using finest grade materials.

Rippon Rice ada Pradhaman 

Client gave their own labeled cover to pack the product from us mentioned in the below picture.

Client gave their own labeled cover to pack the product from us mentioned in the below picture.

We can also provide Riceada Pradhaman with Loose Gunny Bag to your place under the whole sale order (*if you need exactly we will proceed with that option) 

Palada in loose gunny bag
Piece Parotta with Homemade chilli-masala 
Appalam (Papad)

Products Safely Packed with Gunny Bags as Packets or Loose (whole-sale) depending upon your requirements.

For Export Quality we do something special for Our Client’s golden Products. We use the modern packing system to be good for products as in the Export Quality. If you inform us what’s your Export Quality such as Dimension of the individual Packets, Boxes like Carton’s size, and the Carton Belt also punched by our packing team for the Best Ever Export Quality. We truly did and proud to publish this information for healthy mind of our export quality to our true Clients. Belowed pictures will thought our Export Quality with your mind…

If you inform your requirement of your products in Export Quality measurements we will do it hearty with neatly full-fill them with our packaging systems. The box’s color may be differ under your requirement (it may be white box or some other colors with Your Company Name Printed).

Export Quality Cartons with Neatly Belted

We are always happy to serve you!

Either we arrange our Local Transportation to your place or you can arrange your own vehicle for your better transportation for the Export Products. Both are convenient for us. Choose your own transportation from your side as well as from our side also.

Our Local Vehicle arrangement for better transportation of the products to other States.

Clients arranged their own vehicle for best transportation of the products from other States.